Watch the spot here.

We’d like to kick off our brand new website blog with a bang, So we thought we would share our favourite campaign of 2012, Meet the Superhumans. It’s a promo for the Paralympics for Channel Four in the UK, and even if you have seen this before, it is definitely worth a second, third and forth look. To be honest, I’ve personally watched this over twenty times, and posted or emailed it countless times as well. So what makes it so powerful? It’s a number of things, but it’s mostly the way everything comes together in such harmony: the vision, the sound, the tone all stem from a single brilliant idea and in a way that the Paralympics has never been shown before. Meet the Superhumans is the perfect title, suggesting that the normal Olympics is just that, normal, boring even, the real excitement comes from watching regular people who have overcome great adversity, either from birth or a tragic accident, and triumphed with what life has thrown at them. The storyline takes you on an amazing journey that gives you a very real insight into their lives and creates an undeniable connection between you and the athletes. Another key factor is the music; would this have been as powerful with any other song? I think not, even if this isn’t your type of music, there’s no denying it adds that special something, that wow factor that makes you sit back in awe. Hats off to the creative team and marketing management for having the faith in them to produce an exceptional piece of work. Now time to watch it again, I think.